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World Human Right Day – When you need shelter from the storm

do 10 december 2020

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This World Humanrights Day Dona Daria’s Unboxing Rotterdam shines a light on Shelter City Rotterdam. In this program we will talk about human rights worldwide and the challenges it brings.

A Q&A with coordinator Regina Klein will showcase the work Shelter City does and why it is needed.

After tha the current guest of Shelter City, human rights lawyer Czarina, will talk about her work. She will be joined by former Shelter City guest Tama from Indonesia (by livestream) and Jiye from Asian Voices Europe to talk about the human rights issues in each of their respective countries and how they connect together and to the Dutch context.

Unboxing x Shelter City Rotterdam

This program is made in collaboration with Arminius Rotterdam and Asian Voice Europe and supported by The City of Rotterdam.

The Shelter City Rotterdam programme is jointly organised by local Rotterdam organisations Humanitas, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Amnesty International Rotterdam and Verhalenhuis Belvédère. Humanitas coordinates the programme of each guest with the help of Shelter City mentors and buddies, Erasmus University connects Shelter City guests with students and lecturers, and offers them the opportunity to carry out research and improve academic writing skills, while Amnesty International and Verhalenhuis Belvédère both offer a stage for human rights defenders to share their stories and engage with local Rotterdammers. Together, Shelter City Rotterdam ensures a fruitful stay for our guest, and contributes to creating awareness about human rights situations worldwide in Rotterdam.