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What is it like to be rootless? Farid Tabarki talks with Tina Rahimy about her book The Orphans

do 9 mei 2024

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Rotterdam based political philosopher and author Tina Rahimy just published her first novel The Orphans. Farid Tabarki will interview her in Debatpodium Arminius.

Her book is about different characters who are all orphans. People can become orphans through loss of parent(s), a lack of a home or trauma. But, according to Rahimy, becoming an orphan is a much bigger issue. In the current time, most of us feel disconnected. We experience a kind of rootlessness. What does it mean to be orphaned, to be rootless? Can we connect in a different manner, find roots on a different path?  

Rahimy was born in Iran, but since she has been living and working in Rotterdam for more than 32 years, she refuses to be solely characterized by her ethnic roots. Although contemporary society gladly focuses on the standard ethnic roots, in her work and life she searches for different forms of connections, watering different roots. 

What can we learn from different stories about orphans and roots? 

This is a program from Debatpodium Arminius, vanGennep will be present to sell Rahimy’s book.

Tina Rahimy is a political philosopher, researcher, writer, and trainer. Her Ph.D. research, Politics of Flight, mainly focused on political processes and mechanisms of exclusion. Her works are based on the interaction between personal and collective narratives, and professionalism. As a writer, she shares tales that are not only intellectual experiments but also connect the reader to life stories of those who often have been forgotten. The Orphans is her first novel.

Farid Tabarki is the founding director of Studio Zeitgeist and a sought-after keynote speaker, moderator and event host. 

"1941 Nusa kisses her father’s cheek and runs out to buy butter. 1959 Javed leaves his parents’ house with a suitcase in his hand. 1997 adolescent Ala stares angrily ahead of her in a taxi. 1998 David glimpses pieces of peace in his mother’s face. 2023 Sim, while hearing his mother’s voice, watches the subway carriages pass. This is their tale, the history of their fragile bond that breathes through the bricks of their home called the house of Orphans."

Tina Rahimy