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20 seconds, 20 images

Tue 22 March 2016

Inschrijven nieuwsbrief


Come join us, socialize, be challenged and inspired by exciting, critical, touching, sometimes confusing but above all compelling presentations and unforgettable performances. A dozen designers, artists, musicians, politicians and journalists share their passion and dedication by presenting their idea in only 400 seconds using 20 images. Host: Jeroen Deckers.

  • Daisy Kroon, fashion designer | What is a fashion design practice?
  • Jonas Martens, Better Future Factory | How can you produce raw materials from waste?
  • Daniel White, makerspace
  • Max Siedentopf, kunstenaar, fotograaf | Slapdash Supercars, the cheapest way to pimp your car
  • Mariëlle Beek, Perspect studio’s Haarlem | how can you reach your audience (without resources)?
  • Lisa van Kreuningen, Shell | From freelancer to large organization
  • Gilbert Curtessi, SuGu | Makerspark Gallilei SuGu
  • Guido Marsille
  • Jasper Kaarsemaker, Hout- en Meubileringscollege
  • Jan Cees ter Brugge, Vara | Wasted money by government projects
  • Lilian Leahy | Journey through the world as a freelancer

The Pecha Kucha is organized by Arminius in cooperation with Design platform Rotterdam.