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The Patriarchs: How Men Came to Rule w/ Angela Saini

ma 11 maart 2024

10,00 / 6,00 reductie

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Award-winning science journalist Angela Saini comes to Arminius on the occasion of her highly acclaimed book The Patriarchs: How Men Came to Rule.

In her bold and radical book, Saini explores the true roots of what we call patriarchy, uncovering a complex history of how it first became embedded in societies and spread across the globe from prehistory into the present. Travelling to the world’s earliest known human settlements, analysing the latest research findings in science and archaeology, and tracing cultural and political histories from the Americas to Asia, she overturns simplistic theories to show patriarchy is neither natural nor inevitable. By thinking about gendered inequality as rooted in something unalterable within us, we fail to see it for what it is: something more fragile that has had to be constantly remade and reasserted.

In our talk we will delve into these diverse histories of male dominance and female submission, to work our way up to the present times. We will discuss what part every one of us plays in keeping patriarchy alive and why we need to look beyond the old narratives to understand why it persists in the present.

This program is organized by De Dépendance.