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Conflux Festival

za 17 juni 2023

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Conflux Festival explores the broad and murky boundaries between humans and their machines over a four day program of innovative sound performances, live audiovisual presentations and experimental cinema showcases by a cross-section of internationally renowned artists, happening across a diverse range of environments throughout the city of Rotterdam.

Beginning on Thursday with a free opening concert at V11 and public sound art intervention at Plein 1940, participate in a special preview of Drew McDowall’s forthcoming album performed on elements of the Kinetic Sounds multichannel sound installation. On Friday, the concrete cathedral Brutus hosts an expanded cinema showcase of audiovisual works going beyond the traditional frame of a screen. On Saturday, visual artists and musicians present a series of immersive screen-based performances at Arminius, concluding on Sunday with an evening of  experimental theatre and sound performances at WORM.

In arminius:
20:30 doors open
21:00 Joost Rekveld, Fani Konstantinidou, Anne La Berge
21:30 Paul Devens
22:00 Ulla & Nan Wang
22:30 Pandelis Diamantides

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Conflux is a new festival exploring multisensory encounters, urgent ideas, contemporary art and experimental music.

Happening across various locations throughout Rotterdam from June 15 – 18, 2023, Conflux invites you to experience a program of audiovisual performances, public art interventions, multimedia commissions, experimental club nights and talks reflecting on the festival theme ‘Living Machines’.

Are machines living among us or are we living among machines? And how can we learn from each other’s experiences?

This year’s Conflux Festival dives deep into the human-machine dichotomy of man versus machine, and raises questions about our relationship with artificial systems through an expansive program of human-machine interactions and creative discourse at the intersection of art, music, technology and science.

Through multisensory encounters with these various artificial systems, what can we learn about the nature of machines – and the inherent mechanics of humans? With special focus on the (non)human experience of consciousness, Conflux Festival invites you and your living machine to be fully open to new perspectives on our rapidly integrated human-machine world.


Performance Program
Drew McDowall / Leila Bordreuil / Telcosystems / Ulla & Nan Wang / Joost Rekveld, Fani Konstantinidou, Anne La Berge/ Acidic Male & Jelmer Noordeman / Encor Studio / Olivier de Sagazan / Michela Pelusio / Mint Park / Pandelis Diamantides / Paul Devens / GoldblumClub Night Program
Rhyw / Bas Mooy / rRoxymore / Broken English Club / VSK / Nala Brown / Afra / Zohar /dirtydms / Vox supreme / Rita Maomenos & Cem Altınöz present “rvrs” / Ruwedata / Nikos / Noach & Tyn / Mark Rutta

Exhibition Program
Entangled Others Studio / Louis-Phillipe Demers / Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand /Macular: Nicky Assmann, Matthijs Munnik, Daan Johan, Joris Strijbos, Eric Parren / Jorrit Paaijmans / Claire WilliamsConference Program
Laura Tripaldi / Dave Murray-Rust / Joost Rekveld / Nicky Assmann / Jorrit Paaijmans / Claire Williams

Conflux is initiated by Klankvorm, supported by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Mondriaan Fonds, Fonds 21 and Gemeente Rotterdam, and co-presented by V2_, WORM Rotterdam, Roodkapje, V11 and TU Delft.